Security Approaches for Microgaming Casinos

Security issues are a top priority of such successful software developers as Microgaming. The enterprise provides each product with sophisticated encryption systems, which protect the personal info regarding each player. By implementing cutting-edge technologies, the company is able to use well-secured types of connection for its clients – Microgaming online casinos.
Moreover, as the company is closely cooperating with various regulation authorities, all of its projects guarantee a safe betting experience.

Gambling Industry Introduction

The gambling industry is a growing business sector that includes a lot of branches, which are constantly developing. We’ll describe the main ones and provide you with useful information concerning what safety measures are implemented for each type of gambling entertainment.

Online Casinos

Nowadays, online casinos are the driving power of the betting industry. It’s a virtual version of the traditional lobby, and it allows for playing games and setting up real stakes via the Internet.Crytography in Microgaming Company
However, despite the advantage of having easy and fast access, there are some downsides and weak places because of worldwide net peculiarities.

That’s why it’s crucial for a reliable Internet betting house to provide protection of customers’ personal info. Special attention is dedicated to the safety of financial data transmission during transactions (depositing and withdrawing). For providing the best protection, the casino should use the SSL connection, which is the standard even in banking institutions. Such safety measures are necessary as websites quite often suffer from DDoS attacks.

Online Poker

Among all online gambling entertainments, online poker is one of the most widespread of games. It is an interactive card amusement identical to the in person based variant. Actually, casinos and Internet tables are not always the same things. The difference is that the online rooms allow playing with other customers and arranging various tournaments.

They are similar in security approaches, providing SSL connections, fighting DDoS attacks, protecting personal info and so on. In addition, interactive poker cabinets may have issues with massive bot activity, which can cause an increasing of load or even emulate the actions of real customers. That’s why special analysis software is necessary. Also, various online chats have a significant role, because the player-player or player-support communication is crucial.

Online Bingo

Microgaming Security and EncryptionAnother popular gambling diversion is online bingo. It’s a game where players have special cards with numbers that should be matched with randomly given digits (with the help of the RNG). The more numbers are attached to their places on cards, the greater the chances of winning.

In general, the concept of these entertainments has much in common with a casino. However, bingo websites often add some social features and achievement programs, as users prefer to communicate with each other and garner rewards.
As for security system, the requirements are the same as in Internet playhouses and poker (i.e. SSL certification, 256-bit encryption compliance standard etc.).

Conceptual Scheme: Software Provider – Operator – Player

Here’s how the global framework of the online gambling market works: software developers create a software program – operators buy the license for using it (or according to different business models of cooperation, they can give a % of the profits or pay regular fees) – players (as the ultimate consumers) go to online casinos for gaming.
In essence, also factor site works on customer retention and software suppliers dealing with upgrading and improving the product.

Payment systems can be provided by either a web venture house or a developer. In case the particular casino decides to implement the banking option on its own, then it becomes necessary to engage in encryption immediately to avoid holes between different products. For this, various protocoled API are needed. Each provider is in charge of making certain APIs for its particular task (software + payment scheme program).

Also, sometimes the operator wants to combine several software developers and then accordingly merge everything in a working transaction system and Accounting Database. Thus, there are several modules, where there might be some vulnerabilities.

Main Security Technologies Used by Microgaming

Microgaming company offers the highest-quality protection for their customers, including secured personal and gaming reports and most certainly as pertains to info concerning payments. To provide the best service with all the necessary safety standards, it uses the latest sophisticated technologies like 128 and 256-bit SSL certificates, AES encryption, anti–DDoS methods and programs for data loss prevention.

In addition, the company always employs various internal testing measures for its online gaming equipment (monthly) and there is also an annual inspection by a third party. Besides, Microgaming even won an award from eCOGRA – The Certified Software Seal.Microgaming Security Technologies
To prevent various possible hazards and attacks, it’s launched the Central Fraud and Collusion department with a team, which monitors and analyzes the gameplay of all games. Thus, the programming tools of this brand protects both gamblers and online casinos.


Single socket layer is a common technology for creating a safe (encrypted) channel between the server and the customer. It allows transiting important info like credit cards or social security numbers, without the risk of being revealed to the wrong hands.
Nowadays, this protocol is a standard encryption technique for any important statistics that is transferred via the Internet. That’s why such innovative brand as Microgaming uses it for ensuring the online gamblers rely on it for safety matters.


Quite often online casinos deal with such methods as AES. The Advanced Encryption Standard has a form of a block cipher (128, 256… bits), used for sending securely sensitive data from one source to another.


Every Internet betting room can be the victim of DDoS (attacks that cause the crash of the online service work by overwhelming the servers with traffics from numerous sources).
To stop possible computer attacks (A Distributed Denial of Service), on the casino website, there are various Anti-DDoS methods.

For example, you can come across such defensive techniques as Black Hole Routing, using the service of a cloud Anti-DDoS provider or enhancing the firewall with special thread defense programs like IPS (the Intrusion Prevention System).

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention is a crucial strategy for Microgaming products. It helps detect weak places, stop info leakage and backing up of the important material. To prevent such unpleasant situations when sensitive details of customers, or of online betting rooms can be under threat, this company integrates special software into every project.

Database Consistency Scanner

Such a scanner helps detect important discrepancies and solve emerging problems quickly. It’s a useful tool (coded by operator/developer), which analyzes database integrity, checks if there are unauthorized customers added from the outside and monitors the changing of permissions.