Database Consistency Scanner in Microgaming Company and Its Subdivisions

Microgaming, being one of the leading companies in web staking business, has put much effort into becoming such a successful software developer. While growing, this brand had to implement various technologies for better efficiency, safety, and speed on different stages of the work.

database consistency check in Microgaming
Obviously, when an enterprise comes this large, there is information to be stored, processed, and transferred. Therefore, to operate such big amounts of data, IT corporations often use special tools, because it is impossible to work with huge databases manually, it just has to be an automated and well-organized process.
So we will describe the main instruments used for Microgaming database to provide checking of the storage consistency.

Database Fields

Usually, they are represented with DCT (these elements are the objects to be skimmed). And there is no restriction to alter any of them from the record (Rec) dynamically. For instance, there is a feature in the settings that allows selecting another option (alternative scan function) for the particular field of a Rec.


This constituent will determine which skimming instrument to use, and it can be presented in various states:

  • Passive – (P) constant check;
  • Event – (E) event numbers checks;
  • I/O Intr – I/O outcome scanning;
  • 10 Second – the process repeats every ten seconds;
  • 1 Second – the process repeats every one second.


Such an element is used in case E-scanning is turned on, so it provides specifying of the E-numbers. EVNT ought to be from 0 to 255 for checking the chosen record. Interestingly, that some soft elements won’t start event skimming for the one attached to 0. So in most cases, the selection of 0 should be excluded.


The program uses PHAS while it is necessary to process orders for same-set Rec. So all Rec-s with 2-sec cycle checking are linked to the one scan set. And E-scanned records with common EVNT make another one, and so on. Note that, everything is worked out in a straight order (i.e. in the beginning records go with PHAS=1 then 2,3…). However, to establish a mechanism, it is advised to use database links.


Microgaming works with database consistency scannerThe function that serves for showing the priority of the chosen elements. To set a scheduled precedency, any soft component can use PRIO.

Software Components

The program consists of many components that are necessary to provide all needed features. Mostly, each has a unique determination, however, different processes don’t hinder in the work of other units.


It is mandatory to include it to every soft component which works with the system.
This file has various important definitions for different purposes (for example, for specifying checking types, connecting with the system of I/O E-scanner, routing the public scan access, and etc.).


It consists of several lines, all of them begin as GBL_SCAN (followed by scan states). The top three rows should always be in the strict order as described above (in the Scan paragraph).
Other definitions for operations of skimming (periodic) rates are presented in decreasing order. These standards ought to be attached to certain values (identified in the process of IOC initialization). The P-scan rates can be altered by modifying choiceGbl.ascii and then turning on makeSdr function. The described values should be measured in sec.

Microgaming Database Scanning Types

Microgaming, when working with the described scanning tool, uses various features of this program.
We will provide a brief description of all types in the following paragraphs.


Such an operation allows examining the records automatically (in determined units of time, every 2 sec, for instance).


consistency scan for Microgaming databaseThe work with P-records is maintained only with the help of dbScanPassive request. So such database links as Input/Output/Forward (that have been identified as “Process Passive”) will be used in the Rec processing. This operation also takes place when dbPutField is requested.

Scan Once

The purpose of using this checking method is providing puts (caching). For this, an action scanOnce is launched, which triggers the scanning of the record only for one time.


E-scanning is when a certain event is being posted by another soft element via the line “post_event”.

I/O Event

This is for launching the Rec processing that is caused by hardware interrupting. This function also supports events created by the software.