Microgaming Security & Support

For such a big software developer as Microgaming security matters are one of the main priorities. To be trusted and reliable brand, which provides the best soft for online casinos, this enterprise pays special attention to protection measures not only for itself but for every product it sells.
security support in Microgaming company
Therefore, it uses the latest technologies of encryption, data loss prevention, blocking unauthorized access and etc. Moreover, there is a support team that is responsible for many activities like:

  1. giving assistance to clients,
  2. analyzing gaming sessions,
  3. solving appearing issues and so on.

This support team is permanently available because this service works 24/7 during the whole year.

Main Aims of Security Management in Microgaming

Microgaming security management branch is implemented in all general activities of the company. The main aims of it are dedicated to maintaining a high-quality protection system (that helps operators to react quickly in case something happens) and having a good team of professionals who are able to analyze hazards, provide constant monitoring of the gameplay and help customers within the shortest time possible (usually 15 minutes).
Microgaming security management
By having such enhanced security measures this soft provider can successfully prevent the majority of frauds and collisions. That’s why its customers are in safe when playing Microgaming gambling games and they shouldn’t worry about becoming a victim of an online robbery.

Risk Management

Online gambling business (including developing soft for web staking rooms) also requires risk management. That’s why Microgaming has the special department which is responsible for identifying danger, threats and their causes, and minimizing or preventing bad consequences.

External Threats

When implementing the main protection approaches such independent factors are necessary as:

  • • Needs of the customer, competition rate;
  • • Suppliers, providers, 3d-parties, contract arrangements;
  • • Changes in the currency value, credit rates;
  • • Forces of nature, hacker attacks;
  • • The changes in law, appearing of new regulations and rules and etc.

Internal Threats

In the list of internal threats, there are such points as:

  • • Sector of research and development;
  • • Financial expenses and profits;
  • • Expedience;
  • • Matters concerning employees and working appliances;
  • • Alterations of the work plan and etc.

Risk Solutions

For maintaining the working process in a safe manner Microgaming uses a system of risk solutions which includes several different approaches.
For example, here are the main options:

  • • Avoiding unsafe situations (it is the best way to stop the hazard, if this action wouldn’t cause worse accidents)
  • • Reduction of the existing threats (minimizing the bad consequences)
  • • Switching the risk on other aspects (compensating the losses in the expenses of other activities)
  • • Accepting the danger (being ready to accept that some losses are inevitable).

Microgaming security support

So this complex of methods is very important in the work of safety system of Microgaming developer because this provides confidence when creating Internet gambling entertainments.

The sophisticated security net of measures helps to make the projects of the company problematic for hackers, but safe for playing and, therefore can bring a profit and a good reputation to the developer.