The Future of Encryption by Microgaming

Encryption – is not a relic of history, but an integral part of the modern world. Today, when many types of human activity have moved to the Internet, there is an urgent need to protect personal and corporate information. Moreover, the role of coding will only increase with the course of time. A development of this purpose is defined by seven key drivers, and Microgaming encryption standards has characterized each of them.

Email Privacy

Nowadays, the Internet becomes one of the most effective instruments of business management because it gives the easiest way of information exchange for global corporations. The issue of protecting data sharing through emailing is of concern to many countries that have tried to regulate it by special legislation: Privacy Law and Privacy Amendment Act – in Australia, Sarbanes-Oxley – in the U.S., Basel II – for EU countries.
These laws – only the first step towards the security of important digital data such as health or identifiable information (contacts, driver licenses, credit card and social security numbers). And to obtain a positive result in this regard, all countries should adhere to such laws, since the threat may lurk in anywhere. As any international enterprise must ensure the privacy of a private info of each client, the business is impossible without encryption.

Unauthorized Access to Important Information

Recent investigations show us that many enterprises have suffered significant losses because of unauthorized access to classified information (the biggest known loss was $50 million). Gaps in security, which near 90% of organizations have, shouldn’t be left unattended as they greatly increase the possibility of illegal external penetration (44%), attacks on the service (40%), viruses (85%), violations of guaranteed personal privacy (78%). This is a strong argument to use reliable encryption technologies.

Developing and Expanding

The modern model of a Microgaming enterprise totally differs from previous models. It’s no longer a staff that makes business being located together in a real place, but an association of specialists and freelancers from different countries, their e-commerce partners, and representative offices worldwide. They must communicate with each other and with customers also, using safely encoded their own and third-party information.

Everything on the Move

Besides the fact that modern corporate organizations have a lot of remote workers, they are constantly on the go. The demand for laptops is increasing every year as the most convenient way to share needed info for people who are not always at the head office – wireless messages. And to guarantee the full protection of all stages of data transmissions the standard means of protection is not enough. Large companies need more complex protective measures based on the latest encryption methods for laptops like authentication methods, extensible authentication protocol, 802.11i etc.

Number of Devices

Mobile PC is just one way of distant communication between members of an enterprise. But there are other popular devices as cell phones with the Internet connection, personal digital assistants, music gadgets and other communicators. Every of them needs the different kind of protection technology that depends on such main factors as the type of the transferring information, the degree of interactivity of the user and the time period during which the data needs to be protected.

Increasing Need of Security Management and Third-Party Solutions

In the 90 years of the 20th century, there was a suggestion that the protected application will depend on the so-called PKIs (public key infrastructures). Therefore, enterprises spent huge amounts of money to establish independent third-party certification centers and also authorities for individual companies.

But the result did not justify itself because the services of such bodies were too expensive even for large corporations. In addition, these businesses want to fully control the operation of the safety centers, which is lost from the whole point of their creation. While this problem is not solved, the coding remains the main way to secure the information.

Storing of Corporate Information

Encryption technology can be used not only for data encoding but also to store and retrieve important files. Even if an employee or business partner of Microgaming company is no longer cooperating with the company, or the password is lost, enterprises can use special applications that make it possible to get the information that former workers have stored.

Modern cryptographic apps at this stage enable authorized persons to carry out various operations on the data, no matter where they were archived.

Thus, the scope of encryption is actively developing together with e-business management of major global corporations.