Cryptography Source Code Library


A Guide to Cryptography

A complete introduction to cryptography and its application.

Training Presentation

A full 'executive' presentation explaining both background and practical issues.

Microgaming Security

The main Microgaming security technologies in gambling industry.

Cryptography Audit Kit

Designed specifically to help you audit a cryptographic based system or application.

Cryptography FAQ Sheets

A unique reference covering the full gamut of issues in simple Q&A style.

Source Library for Base Algorithms Example source code,for: Why re-invent the wheel?


The Cryptography Management Kit

Cryptography Tutorial and Management Kit

A comprehensive kit comprising an introductory presentation, a comprehensive guide, a detailed FAQ reference, an audit kit and base source for several algorithms.

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And so to the algorithms themselves!

Why start with a blank sheet of paper? The Cryptography Management Kit includes basic source sample code for a number of the most important cryptographic algorithms. This is documented with helpful notes, tips and explanations.

The algorithms covered are DES, RSA, MD5 and SHA-1. Sample pages from each of these are provided on the following pages:

3DES Sample Pages

RSA Sample Pages

MD5 Sample Pages

SHA-1 Sample Pages

These pages should fully illustrate the depth and quality of this part of the toolkit.

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The Cryptography Management Kit can now be purchased online and downloaded directly to your PC. It couldn’t be easier!

To purchase the product and download for a special price of just $199, simply visit our Crypto Purchase Page.